Liquid Gold Lube is a passionate story about embracing our sexual selves. It is the vehicle for honoring this aspect of humanity. 

And it all began with the fertilization of two lifelong desires. One, for all things intimate and sexual to be normalized. Two, to enhance the pleasure humans can experience whilst supporting their health. 

Think a sexual health educator and less sexually educated friends + cheeky kitchen chats. How can there not be when you’re surrounded by coconut oil, scented body lotion, sticky golden honey and a fridge stocked with, you guessed it, whip cream? Okay, minus the whipped cream but you get the picture. 

“What are everyone’s thoughts about lube?” was the glistening question of the evening, some blurting out “I love it”, “lube me up baby”, “coconut oil is my vagina’s best friend” others “too sticky with the added bonus of an itch”. 

In this moment said sex educator landed on gold. And so the all natural, health giving, body caring Liquid GOLD Lube was convinced. 


What makes Liquid Gold Lube so special?


There isn’t one aspect of our lube untouched by careful thought and research support. 

  • Reusable/recycled packaging and therefore we’re not just about a good time, but also about ensuring the environment is cared for 
  • pH balanced and therefore maintains the natural harmony of your body 
  • Water based and therefore latex/silicon friendly (goodbye condom and toy damage) 
  • Vegan and therefore protects the animals as well as Earth 
  • Edible and therefore mouth to sacred bits safe 
  • Natural, premium ingredients and therefore body friendly (adios irritation)


There is a lube catered to all that enters your holes. Whether you’re an advocate for “Wetter is better”, looking to amplify the bedroom pleasure or are yearning for an easeful, comfortable insertion of medical/menstrual products, there is a lube for you. 


Liquid Gold Lube is a passion for embracing all of who we are – for sexual liberation, empowerment, and confidence. It’s about honoring our desires and letting them roar. Our lube is an opportunity to practice self-acceptance and a permission slip to claim a life FULL OF PLEASURE.


When the body is comfortable and relaxed, increased pleasure is the result. With our non-drying, long gliding natural lube you get to thoroughly enjoy the ride with no interruptions or discomfort disruptors. 

This is what makes us special, from environmental care to body health, enhancing your sexual experiences to medical comfort – You receive so much more than a pleasure filled time when you choose us, no matter the occasion, age or stage. 

We’re here to help you unlock the doors to a life of sensuality, satisfaction, and self-love. 

So there you have it, the tantalizing tale of Liquid Gold Lube and all it has in store for you.