Our Story

Liquid Gold grew from a life long passion to normalise all things intimate and sexual. Sexuality is such an expansive, unexplored, beautiful world and you deserve to have it all at your fingertips.

The story of our founder, Nu Davidson.

All good things start in the kitchen…

It was a warm night in 2017, and naturally, the lack of high-quality, affordable lube was the topic of conversation over dinner with friends. Let’s just say that Nu’s ample coconut oil stocks and scented body cream shelf would have been shocked with some of the suggestions they heard that night. In a bid to save her kitchen and cosmetic products from further embarrassment and her friends from terrible lube choices, this was the moment that Nu’s Lube mission commenced.

As a passionate sexual health educator, Nu dug deep into her lube research and the more she learned the less she liked. A lack of ingredient transparency, harsh chemicals and the gender boxing “bull” with pink for her bits and blue for his bits, nonsense, this really tweaked her tits and not in a good way. At all.

Nu set out on a quest to create a lube that was as tantalizing as it was transparent; a lube that didn’t just get the good times rolling but that actually provides a nourishing, natural experience that cares for your most sacred bits. Of course, she’d educate and destigmatize the use of lube for pleasure and comfort along the way… starting with her friends.

Fast forward to 2020 and after three years of intense research (much of it in the bedroom), Liquid Gold Lube was born.

We’re talking about an edible, Rooibos infused, gender-neutral, chemical-free, plant and water-based lubricant. Our mission is to create and deliver a high quality product for ALL humans and are dedicated to providing as much education on lube so YOU can find the one that best fits YOUR body.

We are PH Balanced (4.0-4.5PH), low 0smolality (below 770m0sm), 100% latex (condom) & sex toy friendly. Unlike silicon & oil based lubricants which can break down and damage the condom and toys.

No one likes to be in a sticky situation and our silky lube not only ensures a smooth experience, your sheets will be stain-free too (when it comes to lube, of course). The pump action nozzle on the bottle also means that you won’t be fumbling around with a twist-off when things are heating up.

As you can probably tell by now, our ethos is pretty strong and we wanted to ensure this carried through fully in our product. Liquid Gold Lube isn’t just “Oh So Enjoyable”, it’s also environmentally-friendly with reusable glass bottles and recyclable packaging.

As we say in South Africa, “Local is Lekker”. Liquid Gold Lube is produced in Cape Town and we source all of our ingredients from local areas, making us proudly South African.

“Wetter is always better when it comes to lube.”

At the end of the day, Nu is just a girl standing in front of the world asking them to love lube, with a dream of making the world a “wetter place”.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create and deliver a high-quality lube for ALL humans. Dedicated to providing as much education on Lube so YOU can find the one that best fits YOUR body.

Our Promises

  • Transparency
  • Growth – We have big aspirations
  • Be Innovative in our Product Development
  • Team work – We’re Building a Family
  • Always ready to learn & share what we learn along the journey
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Uplift and upskill our community
  • Empower people
  • Ensure we always expanding and evolving

Meet the Team

Nu Davidson

Sex Geek & Founding Director  (She/Her)

Dr Ernst Thompson

The Mad Scientist & Product Developer (He / His)

Rhys John

The Main Marketing Man (He/ His)