100% Natural
Cruelty Free
Eco Friendly
Dermatologically Tested
PH Balanced
Made in Africa
Water Based

A Rooibos infused 100% natural sexual lubricant, plant based and better for your bits.

Its time we got rid of the stigma around lubricants and embraced the richness of what it has to offer. It’s no secret many people use lube in the bedroom and beyond. Solo, partnered or in groups, we have heard your cry for a product that oozes sensuality and quality while cutting out all the harmful ingredients that have no place between the sheets.

Liquid Gold Lube is an organic, proudly South African, plant and water-based, chemical-free sexual lubricant that ensures only the highest quality ingredients are used on your sacred areas. Our nourishing lubricant doesn’t dry up or get sticky, enhancing your experience and enjoyment.

We are a premium, environmentally conscious and gender-neutral brand. Our packaging is all fully recyclable and reusable, making an impact in your bedroom rather than on the planet. Liquid Gold Lube is dedicated to normalising the enjoyment of a universally utilized product.

As we know your body deserves only the best quality products and we want to ensure our product meets these needs. We believe in having a transparent relationship with our consumers, ensuring you know exactly what you’re getting with our product.

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What makes Liquid Gold Lube special is its premium, sustainable & non-gender based appeal. What sets us apart is that we are truly invested in going further than just providing you with a quality lube.

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Liquid Gold is a lifestyle and is dedicated to normalising the enjoyment of a universally utilised product.

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The story of our founder,
Nu Davidson

After spending my whole life being “that girl” who always asked the uncomfortable questions that no one dared but everyone craved to ask, I have made it my life mission to break the boundaries around sex and intimacy through education.

I have decided to delve into the world of unspoken delights, dark and dreamy fetishes, soul-enriching connections and the just plain fun and naughty to bring you all the education you have been starved of for fear of being seen.

How will you ever know what you are capable of if you have never seen the extent of your wholesome desire and curiosity?

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